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My story is one of those stories, which should have never happened, but it did and is still going on. Two reasons, among many, explains why I have decided to make my story public.

First reasons: My situation is due to too many errors and a lake of care. I render public in hope to get better health care. I don't want to have a special treatment, just those basic that the state has to guarantee according to Humans Rights and at the level currently given to all other citizens. Theoretically, I have rights, in practice it doesn't work. That's why I tell my life of the fight against my meningitis side effects and my dental care horror story. That's why I keep a diary of what's happening to me and why I create the two clouds dictionary so that people can have some explanation regarding all the technical information they might read. By constant mistreatment, they have taken my humanity and building that website is a way to fight those we have done that to me and still are.

Second reason: If you look, one by one, at all the medical decisions or the lack there of, that have shaped my actual health situation one might think it's just bad luck. Why not, bad judgement and errors happen, whatever the profession, don't they? However, if you look at the big picture, especially regarding my dental situation, something isn't quite right. Unless the rate of errors is more on the 80% side than on the 20%, one could make the hypothesis that what uphold doctors to avoid such situations is due to a culture or a system that doesn't really care about patient well-being. This allows them to behave in an inhuman way without the guilt. I'm not the first to talk about it, and it doesn't matter that you're famous and/or rich. In France, we have had the Laurent Fignon's affair, a "tour the France" winner. He died in 2010 from cancer. His wife wrote a book about the brutality of the medical world they encountered during all the medical procedures he had to go through. The Johnny Halliday's affair, a very well-known and appreciate pop singer. He had to go to a hospital during a journey in the United States of America. American doctors found traces of wrongdoing from an operation he just had by a French doctor. We know those cases because these people are/were public figures, and they have access to media but what about all the others?

Before we go into the 'what can be done' discussion, let assume that the hypothesis of a culture or system is wrong. There are some realities. Doctors as any other professionals make errors. Nobody asks them to be perfect, because it's impossible, but are they doing their best to reduce their numbers? The answer is no. For example, are there any project from doctors to develop A.I on their desk? No. There were projects in the 1970, but they rejected that idea. Even a simple but well organized database will do a good job. In 2017, Germany's most important newspaper, FAZ, published an article which title was "How many errors a doctor has the right to make?" It's a fundamental question, and everything indicates that the profession is not eager to give an answer. Another reality, doctors follow procedures, or protocol designed by researchers. Many don't even bother to fully apply those protocols, and some think that protocols are bad because it transforms them into a machine (which has more to do with an anti-science approach). Protocols are the best tool, to apply complex procedures and to evaluate to quality of the job done, because it implies to do the job always in the same way producing reliable data on which analysis can be applied and enhancements designed. There are other problems, but I guess, I make my point.

Following a science based and humanist approach, I will publish a list of proposition on a political level, to enhance the quality service that the medical world has to give to the community. I do not have the power to enforce those dispositions, only to show that there are problems. Some are well-known. Some are hidden and other taboo but for each of them, solutions exist. A society that doesn't enhance itself is dying, and I for one do not wish to share that faith. Let be smart and courageous.

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