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Political action

It's our duty to oppose mistreatment

There is no political system aimed at taking care and enhancing individual welfare in which what happen to me, can happen, but it has and still is. There is no lawyer who shouldn't be outraged by how my rights are dismissed and how I am treated. No medical workers can support the lack of humanity I've faced to get help just to be able to eat and kiss lovely my wife. Who are these people who can deny basic human rights and go away with it? What political system can support those people?

The website contains no name because what is done to me, is not a mere succession of random error done by other individuals. It's structural and ideological. Structural because I'm not alone to have faced the dark side of the medical world. Each family, at least in France, has one of its members who is badly treated. Ideological because they always think, they have the moral ground which immune them from any critic and therefore, for any change.

Why going on the political field?

I'm politically engaged even if I'm not very active (sorry President) due to health concern (no kidding), but it explains why I put my story on the political field. I think politic is for solving problem. As all people engaged in politic, I'm deeply concern for the life quality of my fellows, and I'm not talking about big ideas but direct actions to help them to have a better home, good health ... a decent life! Moreover, there is a possibility that my membership to a political party might be discovered and used against me, my action and my party. Let's go for an official declaration. My party or any of its members aren't aware of my action, nor of my health issue. That being said, I don't feel the need to tell which party. It's not only private, but as someone having some knowledge about computers and search engines, I know that writing the name of my party on Getasmile will generate a metadata, which will link the twos.

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