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Legal information

Getasmile is a website about my story, my illnesses and the data I collected along the road, but information provided here, are no near to any formal knowledge. A part from my story, the aim of Getasmile is to invite you to learn about yourself, your disease and its history, to engage in a positive and constructive dialogue with your doctor.

However, your doctor is the only one to have the right to express a judgment on your condition, and a treatment adapted to it. There is more. It's not only a legal question but also a logical one. He/she has formal knowledge meaning a structured and organized understanding of medical knowledge, giving him/her perspectives on your conditions that no amateur can have. He/she also is the only one to get first-hand information. He/she knows you, can see and speak to you, nobody on the Internet whatever its qualification has that information. At the end, it's always between you and your doctor, and you have to do your best to keep a good relation because it's your job to get better and that job nobody else can do it.

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