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December 12, 2017

Lawyers' conundrum - S01E01

My first move is to find a French-German lawyer. I've mentioned two cases to the lawyers. The first is about my former dentist who mess-up with my teeth and the second case with the dentist who physically aggress me. ...

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December 11, 2017

The bridge is lost

I don't usually use swear words, but I would like very much to use one right now. You can swear with me. You just have to think about having lost 3000€ for nothing and pick one swear word you would want to use. ...

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December 10, 2017

Dentist answer

"Get lost!" Well, she didn't put it that way, of course. What strikes me the most is how inhuman that person is toward me. She never tries to find a mean position, and I am always guilty. Nobody in it's right mind act like this. I proposed her a deal. Fix what you have done (you pay) and fix what seems to be problematic (I pay), and then we part. It was a fair trade regarding how she disavowed the contract we have regarding my complete dental reconstruction, without explanation, even without noticing me about it. When you willingly agree to take care of someone's health (having real difficulties to eat is a health issue), and then change your mind just because you change your mind without noticing it to the person shows a serious lack of responsibility and morality. ...

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December 07, 2017

Catching up with my crazy life

I'm sorry for the lack of follow up, and I will be honest. The aggression that I experienced, had more impact than I thought, and I needed a wee bit more time than I expected to deal with it and take up the fight again. Private "I" is back on the battlefield. You've the right to support me. I'm not just fighting for my case, but for every citizen because we deserve better elite. Elite that can be a role model for people, not irrational and dangerous as they are right now, elite with which we share a common dream to push the frontier of our society. ...

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October 02, 2017

Letter to my dentist and trying to get the job done

Some context: What you're about to read is an e-mail I sent to my dentist who has withdrawn herself/himself without notice on working on my dental reconstruction. Work we started at the end of 2015. My dentist left me with unfinished work. I ask my dentist to fix them. My dentist being German, the letter is in English and German. ...

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